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Parenting Questions [Best Child Discipline & Motivation – Survey]

Parenting Questions

To be the most effective parent [the most effective… anything] it’s helpful to sit still for a few minutes and think, “What are the challenges and problems I’m having as a parent? What are the biggest challenges my kids face right now?” Will you please take this survey and give me some feedback?

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I’m asking you to do this for two reasons; first, it always helps me be a better parent and a better person to go through the exercise, second, I would really like to know what those challenges are.

I have had a request to put together a online parenting seminar based on:

Elite Personal Development Coaching
Parenting Methods of Histories Greatest Achievers

These two subjects blend together seamlessly, as far as I’m concerned. I’m very excited about the possibility that there would be enough interest to actually make an online coarse work. One of the big advantages to an online version of this training is that each participant could take daily bit sized pieces at a reasonable pace. The opposite of standard parenting seminars, personal development courses or reading a book; once you’re done you put down the material and forget it. With an online course, with daily development vitamins, a person has a much better opportunity to make lasting change.

A short list of the challenges and issue that could be handled in the course:
Best Child Discipline Techniques
Smart Kids Falling Behind in School
Motivating Kids to Do Their Best
Video Game Addiction or Media Addiction
Childhood Obesity
Leadership Skills [take the victim and the bully out of their roles]
Sibling Rivalry
Developing a Growth Mindset
What would you like to cover?

If the course moves forward I’ll cover some of the Parenting Myths that undermine success and tools we can use to simplify and make our parenting more effective.

Because the seminar material I have is tailored to parents of 5 to 12 year old children I have limited who will be interested. However, if you would like to see something like this for preschoolers or teenagers I welcome those comments as well.

Please feel free to either comment below or take the quick survey.

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